About us

“Creating vibrant cities and
bringing smiles to people’s faces”
Taking on new challenges to
create new value

Daiwa House Realty Mtg. Co., Ltd. was created with the aim of achieving further leaps ahead, through the business integration of Daiwa Information Service Co., Ltd., which comprehensively develops and manages commercial facilities such as Across Plaza, and Daiwa Royal Co., Ltd., which develops the Daiwa Roynet Hotels chain of urban hotels, in addition to operating and managing commercial facilities.

In the real estate business, we offer solutions for land owners, tenant companies and investors to maximize real estate value, leveraging our diverse nationwide information capabilities. In addition to commercial facilities, we solve a variety of customer issues regardless of location, type or scale, including office buildings, logistics facilities, and mixed-use building complexes.

In the hotel business, we are committed to diligent efforts to ensure reliable safety, security and cleanliness, and look forward to welcoming our guests nationwide with the promise of a comfortable stay. We aim to create ”vibrant cities and bring smiles to people’s faces” through the efforts of all our employees, and are seeking not only to expand our core business but also take on the challenges of expanding our business overseas.


Daiwa House Realty Mgt. in Numbers(as of March 2023)

Financial Highlights
(as of March 2023)

  • 187.6billion
  • 216.4billion

Net sales (consolidated)

  • 10.7billion
  • 21.7billion

Operating income(consolidated)

Own facilities under management
(as of April 2024)

  • Approx,4,000

    Commercial facilities
  • Approx,4,630,000

    m2 Rentable area
  • Approx,0.43%

    (Recent three-yeat average) Vacancy rate
  • Facilities managed
    under contract*
    (as of February 2024)


    Management contracts
  • Daiwa Roynet hotels
    (as of April 2024)


  • 16,544

    Number of Guest Rooms

*Facilities of other companies operated and managed by Daiwa House Realty Mgt.

Real Estate Business

Daiwa House Realty Mgt. handles all aspects relating to the life cycle of commercial facilities through a single contact point, from property acquisition to operation and management.We cater to customer needs regardless of location, type or scale; from single-tenant roadside stores to mixed-use commercial and station-front complexes.Entrust Daiwa House Realty Mgt. with all your realty management needs, from land utilization to asset management.

Real Estate Rental Business

We propose optimal real estate rental schemes according to customer requirements, including proposals for tax measures and stable earnings. We handle all aspects of facility management, from facility maintenance after development to tenant contract management.

Shopping Centers Business

We operate large shopping centers based on our knowledge and expertise in facility management throughout Japan. Our aim is to operate commercial facilities that are beloved by local communities.

Property Management Business

We make proposals according to client issues such as maximizing assets and facilitating smoother business management.We manage a wide range of facilities regardless of property size or location, including large commercial facilities, office buildings, and logistics facilities.

Retail Business

We operate various types of retail stores including convenience stores, bookstores, hot bath / spa facilities and cafes, which are attached to hotels offering greater convenience. Through store management, we leverage retail assets to create commercial facilities that are easier for tenant companies to operate.

Hotel Business

We operate Daiwa Roynet hotels throughout Japan. We create hotels that are easy to use, not only for business but also for sightseeing purposes.In order to enable every one of our guests to start their day with a smile we welcome them with comfortable rooms, fully equipped facilities and supplies, and the heartfelt hospitality of our staff.

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